ERI: Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
(Transplant - 2 editions)
BBC1 Scotland (PD) 2006
Coast - Series 1
BBC1 (AP) 2005
Time Flyers
BBC2 (PD) 2000 - 2003
i) Villages of the Dammed
ii) Clash of the Clans
iii) The Missing Castle
The Sword and the Cross
BBC2 Scotland (PD) 2003
Prog 2) Knox
Prog 4) The Godly Commonwealth
Meet the Ancestors Special:
Malaria and the Fall of Rome
BBC2 (AP) 2001
Secret History Special:
The Few
Channel 4 (AP) 2000
Football Stories:
Man in Black
Channel 4 (AP) 2000
ITV (AP) 1999
Celtic America
STV/S4C/RTE (AP) 1999
War Walks
BBC1 (Res) 1997
i) Hastings
ii) Bosworth
iii) Naseby
iv) Boyne
Driving School
BBC1  (Res) 1997
An Everyday Story of Country Life
BBC2 (Res) 1996
999 & 999 Lifesavers
BBC1 (Res) 1996
Picture This:
Close Friends in Distant Rooms
BBC2 (AP) 1995


On the media front, I no longer work in television production, but have weirdly found myself on the other side of the lens a few times since leaving. In January 2008 I was interviewed with regard to my genealogical research on the BBC 1's Reporting Scotland news programme, as well as on Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland. The story is online at Boys Remains to be Released.


I also contributed research to BBC Radio Scotland's Digging Up Your Roots family history series in 2007, and was featured in a programme within the series broadcast in January 2008, concerning an axe murder in my family that I have researched.


In November 2008 I was again featured on Reporting Scotland and Good Morning Scotland, with regards to research I have been doing on the Ruhleben POW camp in WW1 Germany, where 5500 civilians were interned (see German War Camp Remembered). In April 2011 I was again interviewed for Reporting Scotland and Good Morning Scotland in the ScotlandsPeople Centre in Edinburgh for a piece concerning the release of the 1911 Scottish census (see Scottish 1911 Census details revealed after 100 years).



Television Days 

On top of the world - Yosemite, California, 1999 - whilst filming STV/RTE.S4C series, "Celtic America". Left to right - cameraman Simon Banks, camera assistant Chris Dale, soundman Chris Sheedy, assistant producer Chris Paton, producer Ross Wilson, director John Gwyn Jones.