It's always nice to have happy clients!   Here are just a few comments from some...


Chris, thank you so much for your hard work.  I am just so impressed with all that you accomplished in your limited time, and just astounded at the information you collected for us, and very, very grateful to you.  There really is something about finding these things out about your ancestors that touches one very deeply.  I was so touched about the hardships that our family endured.

Ladonna Webb, Canon City, Colarado, USA



Just a wee note to thank you so much for all of your hard work on our behalf in

connecting my husband to the 18th Century poet James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd. We had always suspected there was a link but could never get through our brick wall. Now that we have all your information we intend to visit the area to look at the places you have found where our family once lived. Thank you so much.


Janet McQueen, Clackmannanshire, Scotland



Hi Chris, I just can't thank you enough for all the wonderful work you have done on the Rose Family. I am absolutely delighted!! My son was with me yesterday so I have not yet had time to read all the papers in detail - that is a treat for later today - but I have had a quick look through and realise just how much information there is to be found when you know where to look. You so obviously know just where to find everything and it is a pleasure to read.


Bronwen Tickner, England



Just finished attaching your oh so valuable finds to my family tree programme!!  I can't believe you solved the Margaret […] riddle! Good on you. And Jennie […] also! Thank you so much for all of this. I would certainly consider seeking some assistance from you in the future.  I have also learned a bit from you in terms of what to do when stuck. I loved that you researched forward to the extent you did as I tend to go back until I can no further with some of my lines and jump to another line. What was so interesting to me was to realise that some of these people would have walked the streets of Glasgow when I walked those same streets and we had no idea we were related. All round a great result!


Ruth Conner, Sydney, Australia



A wonderful research team, leaving no stone unturned.  I recommend them highly to anyone who is looking for family in Scotland.  If I had not contacted them when I did, I wouldn't have the wonderful information I now have.  Some things have been answered and as in Genealogy, some new questions have arisen. It's what makes this adventure so much fun.


Maureen Marella, Las Vegas, USA



The package arrived on Christmas Eve and was a great hit with my nephews who are interested in their forbears. They were fascinated when I handed them the folder and said, “this is your family tree on your Playfair side, and you're in it!”  Two hours later and all I'd heard was “look, we were here, and we were there, and I didn't know....?!” – it was great! And the boys were very impressed to know they're pure blooded Scots for 600 years on their father’s side. I've had great fun learning about my past, and have carried it back to Cairo with me (heavy!) and am now the proud keeper of the family heritage!


Susan Playfair, Cairo, Egypt



That was definitely an entertaining read!!


Scott Fleck, Nova Scotia, Canada



I was immediately impressed with your accessability, and your prompt and detailed responses to my questions.  Within an hour or two of each message sent off, you would respond with helpful information, and I really enjoyed reading the information you unearthed for me.


Michael McQuary, Washington State, USA



You are worth your weight in Laphroaig and dark chocolate!!  I can't believe you found those baptisms - I really wasn't holding out much hope. Thank you once again - I haven't stopped smiling yet. My husband says he will toast you tonight with a large dram of 10 year Laphroaig (duty free)!


Ruth Blair, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



Thanks for everything so far.  I've enjoyed hearing from you.  Your reports are intelligent and informative – a rare combination today when most people seem to have forgotten how to write!


Carol Fritz, Alabama, USA



Outstanding is the least I can say... thanks very much!


David Ronaldson, Rochester, Washington, USA



Just wanted to say thank you for the research - I am delighted with it, and amazed at how much you were able to progress in such a short time. I now can finally complete a short family history that I was preparing for my parents...and can also understand my previous failure!


Margaret Gray – competition winner, Ancestors magazine (issue 75)



Chris, I was so super excited with the info you sent me that I could hardly stay in my chair!


Elysia Mackie, Kimbolton, New Zealand



Thanks for e/mail you have done very well so far I am very pleased, I cannot wait for your reports to read the scandals or to read the articles in the Glasgow Herald please keep up the good work and thank you very much!


John Duckett, Tyne and Wear, England



Chris, this is fantastic! It will take me a while to digest all of the summary's contents!


Meredith Kratzer, Illinois, USA





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