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Ancestral Tourism

If you are planning to visit Scotland, we can now help you to bring your ancestors stories back to life in a highly personalised way.


Acting in a consultancy role, with our local knowledge and genealogical expertise we can help you to devise a realistic schedule to achieve a variety of goals upon your visit to Scotland.



v     Trace the locations and buildings where your ancestors once lived


v     Visit local museums to gain an understanding of their society in their time period


v     Explore the main archives to view original documents relevant to your family


v     Track down the graves of those who came before you



Inevitably, the more you wish to achieve on your visit, the more you would be advised to prepare in advance to help everything pass smoothly. When will the archives be open? How do I get permission from a current owner to visit a property? Which museums will tell me what I need to know about my ancestors’ social background? Where can I watch a 19th century handloom being operated? And if I am to walk over wet fields in the Scottish mist to find my great great grandfather’s ruined croft building, just where will I get a decent pair of wellies to keep my feet dry?!!! 


Scotland’s Greatest Story can fully research all of your required options prior to your visit, and can accompany you on whichever aspects of your trip that you would wish us to.


For a quote based on your specific needs, please contact us at the following

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- 2009 - 
The year 2009 promises to be a very special occasion indeed for Scotland. Coinciding with the 250th anniversary of the birth of the national bard, Robert Burns, our proud nation will be commemorating this special event with a year long celebration to look back at our rich culture and history, and to anticipate our dynamic and exciting future. 
So what better time to start looking into your ancestry?!
Scotland's Greatest Story can help you to trace your ancestral history and to then set up specific visits on your trip to Scotland, whether that be to physically trace your family's old stomping grounds or to visit key archives to exlore your own personal story.  At the same time, why not take in some of the many wonderful events that will be happening throughout the country?
For more information on what is happening next year, please visit



Chì sinn gu luath sibh – we’ll see ye soon!