Just wanted to say thank you for the research - I am delighted with it, and amazed at how much you were able to progress in such a short time. I now can finally complete a short family history that I was preparing for my parents...and can also understand my previous failure

Margaret Gray – Ancestors magazine competition winner


I was immediately impressed with your accessibility, and your prompt and detailed responses to my questions.  Within an hour or two of each message sent off, you would respond with helpful information, and I really enjoyed reading the information you unearthed for me.

Michael McQuary, Washington StateUSA


Chris, I was so super excited with the info you sent me that I could hardly stay in my chair!

Elysia Mackie, KimboltonNew Zealand


Chris, this is fantastic! It will take me a while to digest all of the summary's contents!

Meredith KratzerIllinoisUSA

Research Reports
How you wish for your family tree to be researched is up to you. We can research the tree working back one generation at a time to include all ancestors, or we can work on particular lines as suggested by yourself, such as your paternal (surname) line, or maternal line.
A typical report will comprise of the following: 

A RESEARCH REPORT containing every record that has been transcribed, with its relevant source number noted should you require to order a copy of the original at any stage in the future. Observations will be made along the way where appropriate, and an explanation of how any problems were addressed and overcome will be provided so that you can follow the exact research process as it happened.

Copies of an ANCESTRAL TREE from the primary individual and DESCENDANCY TREES from every one of the most distant ancestors found. These will be provided in both a book format, displayed over several pages, and as a single tree PDF file. The birth, marriage and death records will be displayed for each individual, and occupations where known.

An AHNENTAFEL REPORT explaining how your family progresses back one generation at a time, fully notated. 

KINSHIP REPORT outlining how the primary individual is related to everyone else in the tree.

COPIES of any records asked for.

Additonally, a GEDCOM file of your family tree will be e-mailed to you, as well as a PDF file showing the whole tree on one page. A GEDCOM file is a universal data format that will allow you to import and display the tree for yourself on most genealogical software packages such as Family Tree Maker 2006. 

For a typical research report, please click on the following image: